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This collection consists of a set of interviews/discussions between the West German writer and film maker Alexander Kluge and the East German playwright Heiner Müller, all of which were videotaped and some of which were aired on German television between 1988 and 1995.

Heiner Müller, arguably one of the most important European dramatists of the latter half of the 20th Century, wrote 30 plays which helped reconfigure the notion of modern theatre. Alexander Kluge has made over 20 feature films, and is a leading fiction writer, cultural theoretician, film maker, and public intellectual in Germany. More than just interviews, the stature of these two figures and the level of their discourse document unique cultural and philosophical contemplations on German and European history of the 20th Century.

This collection has been made available by Alexander Kluge to Dr. Rainer Stollmann, a leading authority on Kluge's work and a Professor of German Studies and Cultural Science at Bremen University. In collaboration with David Bathrick, Professor of German Studies and Drama at Cornell University, and Cornell University Library, these interviews are now publicly available with transcripts/translations and annotations for each film.

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